Here you will find informations about the history and further informations about Cape Coral

History of Cape Coral

Cape Coral is a young city, just by European standards. The boom began in the late 1950s. In 1957, the “Gulf American Land Corporation” was founded, and the brothers Leonard and Jack Rosen who owned land north of the Caloosahatchee River, started to convert the land into a true ‘waterway wonderland’. Fallow and grazing land was crisscrossed with canals and roads. Overall, Cape Coral now offers 400 miles (640 km) of waterways and canals, some with access to the Gulf of Mexico.
The first houses were built in 1958. Thanks to an active advertising campaign, the town grew rapidly, but many homebuyers soon had to find out that the hot advertised land was miles away from all the facilities of civilization and therefore almost worthless. Others had more luck, or were better informed before purchasing, and received a piece of land whose value has multiplied over the years.
In 1964 the Cape Coral Bridge, which connects the town to Fort Myers. was build. Due to the high population growth another bridge was necessary and in 1997 completed. The “Midpoint Bridge” has brought both cities together even more closely.
The oldest part of Cape Coral, the “Yacht Club” at the southeast corner, was created in the 60s. Other areas followed: the so-called “Gold Coast” in the east, the “Pelican Area” in the south. In 1970 Cape Coral was registered as a town. The city has almost 170,000 inhabitants today, and in winter, thanks to the tourists and “snowbirds” about 20,000 more.
source: Wikipedia


1960 – 280
1970 – 11.470
1980 – 32.103
1990 – 74.991
2000 – 102.206
2010 – 163.095
2015 – 180.304
source: http://www.capecoral.net

Sightseeing in Florida

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There are many beautiful beaches nearby.
You can reach Orlando within 2.5 hours.
Miami within 2.5 hours.
Tampa in approx. 2 hours.
There are various outlet stores and shopping malls nearby.

Geography of Cape Coral

Cape Coral is located in southwest Florida on the Gulf of Mexico in Lee County in the US State of Florida and has about 170,000 inhabitants, which make it the largest city in the county. The city is separated from Fort Myers by the Caloosahatchee River. Tampa is 190 km away, and Miami 230 km.
The metropolitan area has km² the size of 298.1 km². Thus Cape Coral is the second largest city in Florida concerning area. The city is divided into four quadrants: Northwest (NW), Northeast (NE), Southwest (SW) and Southeast (SE)​​. Most of the streets north of the Cape Coral Parkway are simply numbered; the streets in the area Yacht Club have street names. Two central roads divide the four quadrants. The Santa Barbara Boulevard divides the city into east and west, the Pine Island Road divides the city between north and south . Cape Coral is one of the fastest growing cities in Florida.
source: Wikipedia